sara broccoli (sarabroccoli) wrote,
sara broccoli

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i feel yucky from allergies. its a real bummer.

i will probably just lay on the couch and eat kettle corn and drink red tea. im actually pretty excited about it.

if we havent hung out, lets do it.

i hope it feels really good to know that everyone that used to care about you thinks you're ridiculous now. but i guess if hopping around from group to group of people, sucking everything out of them you can without really being an actual friend to any of them, makes you happy, then probably keep on going with that.

flaky people are the worst sort of people.

i miss miss ashley hull and um jeanette, and uhh jenny, and probably bff too.

i am going to get a samuel l jackson cutout for my room & then when azns come in my room for advice or with a problem, i will put on "party all the time" by eddie murphy and listen thoroughly to their problems before consulting with slj and finally shouting "ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!"

thats all.

goodnight sanfrancisco.
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