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guys i miss home a lot. i also kind of wish it would snow. im a little disappointed i'll miss the first time it snows in grand haven, though, cause there is not much nicer than walking downtown after the first real snow, preferably during the wee hours and its real dark and empty but there are the real pretty lights on all the trees and it looks like a storybook.

and there is going to be a really sweet christmas potluck cause i say so. I MEAN IT!

for some reason my room smells like potato chips. i bet its the damn cleaning lady. she sprays eau d'potato chip whenever im not in my room just so i think im goin crazy. or, alternatively, im going crazy.

there is a lady from washington/california coming to my class tomorrow to talk about how to cook pears for two and a half hours. im not sure if thats reallll boring or reallll neat. probably the latter.

i did kind of shitty on my meat test today. by kind of shitty i mean i got my first b. and the entire class time i wanted to shout at that lindsay bitch NO NO KEEP TALKING AND LAUGHING REAL LOUD, ITS NOT BOTHERING ANYONE, REALLY. YOU'RE NOT IRRITATING AT ALL AND EVERYONE IS INTERESTED IN EVERY IDIOTIC THING YOU SAY OH AND YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT FARMING YEAH YEAH HONESTLY KEEP GOING. i was real close to just punching her in the mouth, im going to be honest here. god and she cheats on her boyfriend with a guy in our class and is generally just a piece of scum. i just hate her, is all.

i just want to hang out with my best friend and have a real conversation about things.

also i totally want to see this movie over winter break:

honestly it looks amazinggggg.

okay, im done now.

love, sara.
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