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im starting to get the hang of this whole being social at school thing. its pretty good, i think. im pretty sure one of the main factors in this is that they were playing another one bites the dust in the kitchen today, and at least three people started singing along in a high pitched voice. they were all guys, though. which i guess is to expected since all the ladies are actually mom age or kind of stupid & hate freddie mercury. and the other guys are indian or something. im not sure what that means. also, im pretty sure chef has good taste in music, my only basis for this being that he said something about the plasmatics today, and im pretty sure he said something about ronnie james dio on the second day of school. i might have been imagining that last part though. what im trying to get at here is that both of these things, taken together, make me feel okay about people at school, even with the retarded chick staring and smiling at me and interrupting me and everyone else when they're trying to talk. i guess i just dont have enough patience for that sort of thing.

uhhh bff got our tickets for minus the bear. im real stoked about it. next weekend is just going to be a+. oh ps if you're reading this, i probably want to hang out. so, hang out.

its really weird how strongly songs can be tied to certain memories. most of the songs ive listened to lately just make me kind of sad, because they're all a part of a certain good memory, and remembering those makes me sad because im not there to make more good memories. god this doesnt even make any sense.

also, somebody tell me how this creepy big eyebrow greasy motherfucker is attractive:

please note that he is holding a dish of olives. what a gay.

there is a girl that swoons over him in my class & im pretty sure i hate her solely because of it. apparently he is a big deal in canada, which i dont get because he is from massachusetts or some shit and the only reason i knew who he was was because i read a book with this guy making fun of him cause he is an untalented dbag. honestly.

im going to have no friends when i get back because all i do is talk about cooking and school. laaaameee.
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