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all i want to do is listen to party all the time and i dont have it. this is more upsetting than anyone will ever know.

im excited about bn's cd coming out within the next two and a half months. a lot, actually.

im really upset that im missing the halloween show at home. there's just no way i can go, because its on a tuesday and ive got classssssss. honestly. its just going to be real good.

ive been pretty busy and so the internet hasnt really existed to me that much lately. im only on it now cause i cant think of a good cold ap for my healthy menuuuu, and i cant settle on a dessert either, come to think of it.

kitchen confidential is a really good book. you should read it.

my tummy hurts.

i spend a lot of time on homework, to be honest here. and doing extra reading that isnt even remotely required. i guess thats what happens when you're going to school for something you actually care about. it doesnt help that i can be kind of a perfectionist, i guess. its probably not even the perfection thing, its just that i need to be better than everyone in my class. one of those things.

actually caring about something is neat. its really good too, actually, to be removed from the community of people that you've been immersed in for so long. you kind of start to see the tedium and ridiculousness of certain people. kind of like, you realise the people that will never do anything other than what they're doing now. its sad and funny in its own way.

well thats all.

love, sara.
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